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10 Years Old


A lot happens in 10 years.  One of the first things you think of the first time you say "about 10 years ago.." is that you are getting older.  It seems it wasn't that long ago that if I said "10 years ago.." I would have had to end it with "… I don't remember or I wasn't even born."  Now I look back and I can think of lots of things that happened 10 years ago and beyond.  10 year reunions have come and gone and now I'm reflecting on a 10 year birth day celebration.   

 Obviously, if I'm mentioning remembering 10 years ago I'm not talking about my birth date.  Or am I?  It's true.  I feel like I am only 10 years old.  When I think about what happened previous to that, it feels like I'm just retelling a movie I seen or a story I had heard.  10 years ago all things became new.  I met someone, who I didn't know but when I met Him it was an experience that changed forever who I was and am today.  Sometimes you have experiences that in the moment seem monumental but years later you have to be reminded it even happened.  For me, this wasn't the case at all.   

10 years ago this weekend, on 6/29/03, I met Jesus Christ.  I remember it very well.  The short version of the story is that as my teenage years progressed I became more and more entrenched in sin.  One weekend my parents invited me to go to a Gospel singing (like a concert for those who aren't in the south of the US).  At a break between songs the lead singer pointed me out of the crowd and said something to the effect of "God is working on you today." It was a shock to everyone there, including me.  God used that experience to shake me into reality and show me the depths of my sin.  From there I remember going to a river and dumping out several things I had that were staples in my life of sin. Everything changed.

God has given me so many experiences in these last 10 years that it would take me all day to even give an overview.  He has led me to different ministries ranging from youth, to college, to adults on the streets and in church.  And now God is leading us to Ecuador.  God has brought a wife to me far beyond my wildest dreams and now a baby girl.  Life hasn't always been easy but without any question it's qualitatively and eternally better.  Nothing is the same as it was then and I couldn't imagine how it would be without knowing Him.

So many things accompany this great salvation that it's inexhaustible.  Themes like adoption, redemption,  justification, sanctification, and glorification seem to just scratch the surface.  Throughout the years I've been in pursuit of Him and understanding what He did for me on that dark day of Golgotha where light later broke forth shining into eternity past and present. What an honor and privilege it is to be a partaker of His love.   

Thank you Lord for these last 10 years.  May you be honored and glorified even more in my life in the next 10.  Amen.

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