Making Disciples of Christ in Ecuador

I'm His In The Waiting


Lately waiting has been difficult. From a Christian perspective waiting isn't pointless and we do more than just sit in a room and look off into the distance. Right? I think most of us know that but it doesn't make it any easier. While we wait to go to Ecuador we are moving towards it. While we rest in Him we are laboring to make it happen. One thing we're beginning to understand is that God does so much in the time between the beginning and the end. Think of someone's life. On his gravestone you only see a dash between two dates yet you know so much has happened between his birth and death. But sometimes when we are in a waiting period we are fooled into thinking the only thing that matters is when it started and finished. To keep the life analogy for a moment, that dash means more than just what that person did for a while. Truth be told that life affected all that came into contact with it. And so it is with waiting. Waiting isn't only for ourselves but it does something to all that come in contact with us.

Here is a poem I wrote this morning trying to express some of the things I've been feeling lately.


Are you as wise as this homeless bank robber? A modern parable.


In an unmentioned time and place, a man robbed a bank. To back up a bit this man was homeless. All he owned could fit in his backpack. The unfortunate thing is that he used to have a good job and house but due to gambling and an uncontrollable desire for women, he lost everything: his job, his house, and his wife. So eventually he found himself on the street.


Complicated or simple?


Your body has a lot of parts. And some of them are vital. Without your vital organs functioning, you won't live. How many vital organs are there? After looking around online it seems there is some disagreement as to how many there are but everyone agrees there is more than one. Life is complicated. There isn't just one organ that has to function and you can live, but several of them have to be working or you won't make it. The majority of your vital organs functioning isn't enough. If one goes out, that's it. Have you ever thought about how complicated your body is?


Why didn't Paul go to Rome?


Have you ever wanted to be two places at the same time? What about wanting to spent time with different groups of people but it's just impossible to do it? Paul felt that way and I think that everyone who lives a cross cultural life (whether missionary, businessman, or simply you and your spouse are from different countries) deal with that. The other day I was reading through the book of Romans and something jumped out to me.


What language do they speak in Ecuador?


What languages do they speak in Ecuador? According to Ethnologue there are 24 different languages spoken in Ecuador. For a country a little bigger than Colorado, that's quite a bit. However the official language of the country is Spanish and that's what the majority of the people speak. But It's not uncommon at all to hear news or government information in languages like, Quichua, Shuar, or sign language.


A Sorcerer believes!

The other day I was reading a missionary book and ran across a story about a man who practiced sorcery and ended up believing, being baptized, and seeking discipleship from the missionary. The man was really well known in his city. Everyone believed that this man had a lot of power and could really change things. The people probably had some idea that the power he was using wasn't good (it was actually demonic) but it was really undeniable that this power was real. It doesn't take much for a man to claim he has a lot of power but this man was actually able to convince everyone that he was great.


What's the weather like in Ecuador?



The climate in Ecuador is very diverse. If you're looking at the whole country the climate ranges depending on what region you're in: the Amazon rainforest, the Pacific coast, or the Andes mountains. Most of our time will be in the Andes mountains in the southern part of the country. (That's where Loja is.) But even there it's very diverse. You could be in Loja city and on most days it is cloudy or rainy with the temperature around 50-70 year around. Then you might travel an hour to the south and it be much warmer and dryer. Or if you go a couple hours to the east it may be very hot and humid. When we were there we visited a town called Yantzaza. I'd guess the temperature was in the mid 90s and it was very humid.


What currency does Ecuador use?


As we've spoken to different people about Ecuador we've gotten all kinds of questions. Sometimes they are general questions like what's the weather like or the cost of living and other times they are more about the culture. So, we're going to try to answer some of the common questions here. If you have any specific questions, let me know.

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