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Thanks for deciding to stop by.  This blog will feature entries by myself and other things that I run across that I feel may be beneficial to some.  It will have teachings, articles, random thoughts, theological musings, and just what ever else I find.


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Josh Parsley

To all people-pleasing pastors, preachers, and gospel workers

I wrote this a few years ago. - Josh


To all people-pleasing pastors, preachers, and gospel workers:

I have noticed that you speak of how many souls you have seen “come to the Lord.”  The
thought of it makes you feel accepted.  May I ask a question?  How many have you seen
come to repentance?  You may rejoice, but the angels in heaven only rejoice when
sinners repent (Luke 15:10).  Please allow me to remind you about the rich young ruler
who ran and knelt before Jesus walked away just as quick.  You can find that in Mark 10. 
Sir/Madam, don’t you see this is what many are doing?  They may have “come to Jesus”
but in the same hour they “go away sorrowful” with no repentance.  

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