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Update: A Grace-Filled Pause Before we GO



Last month we let you all know that we had plans of leaving in October. This month we're letting you know that we'll be postponing our departure until after the first of the year. If you are as ready as we were to see us go to the mission field, then you must be wondering what happened.


For those who are looking for an update: We're still working towards having firm dates for a departure time line. Pray that soon we'll be able to have more clarity. The goal is next month.

Here is what's in front of us:

  • Complete building financial support team.
  • Purchase tickets.
  • When we have 90% of our support team complete we will start the visa process. When that's ready we'll be making a road trip down to Houston to get the visas. That should all be done in a matter of weeks after it's started.
  • Schedule a going away party. We'll do this when we get some firm dates to the other steps.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support!

Obedience, not the end goal.


I know I've wrote about this before but it's a good thing to be reminded of: God isn't only interested in the end result but also the journey. It's easy for us to only think of the end result. When we get a new shirt or new computer we typically don't think of how it was made, who made it, or in what type of conditions the workers were in. We just enjoy the end product and go on. There are some things that human's have made or constructed that, yes, the end result is impressive but also just the fact that we are able to come up with a process and the technology to create it is even more awe inspiring.

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