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A Late Night with a Crying Toddler



The other night was a rough one. No one likes to wake up to a crying toddler. They are usually unreasonable and you just can’t figure out what to do to make them calm down. That was our experience the other night. It's interesting how God uses  our kids to teach us lessons about our own relationship with Him, and that's what happened the next morning as I started to think about it all.

It was 12:07am and Aletheia started crying and asking for mommy, but It just wasn’t time to wake up so I (Josh) had to work with her to get her to calm down. Here is what happened.

Update: A Grace-Filled Pause Before we GO



Last month we let you all know that we had plans of leaving in October. This month we're letting you know that we'll be postponing our departure until after the first of the year. If you are as ready as we were to see us go to the mission field, then you must be wondering what happened.

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