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A trip to Piñas

Some of you might wonder what one of our trips to Piñas might look like. Here is an outline of what we did the last time we went. This time, just Tomas and I went. Other times we have another person or two that come. With just two of us this time, we had to split up quite a bit.

A family in our church in Loja makes backpacks and they sent several backpacks for us to give to the children. School in that part of Ecuador started a few weeks ago. Also, as you'll see with many of the meetings we are focusing on stories of the bible. It's a method we're using for those who aren't believers but have interest in meeting with us and those who are very young in the faith. The idea is that by learning these stories and talking about them we are able to see God's character and understand the Gospel better.

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I think the first thing that is in order is why the blog has been so silent. There are really two reasons. One is because we were having some problems with the website itself. We've moved it to a new host and everything is now working. The other is that we've been busy moving and getting settled in here. So between the website not working and everything else going on, it's been hard to break the silence and start writing again. Not the best of excuses, but it's true. If you haven't been following us on Facebook, you've probably missed quite a bit. Here is a quick timeline since the last post.

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