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Our Time at CIT

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So, 3 missionaries move to India to do mission work. One is from Germany, another from the USA, and another from South Korea. How do you make them all get along while working with nationals, be a successful missionary team, glorifying God and seeing churches established? Just call us in to supervise. OK, well, maybe not.  Our missionary training at CIT was great but we don't now think we can solve all the cultural problems of the world. Actually, we feel the opposite of that: we, in ourselves, aren't adequate for the job.


Not Desperation but His Revelation

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Yesterday was my last day at Acumen Brands (where I was working).  When I look back over that time I see how God used it and gave me many blessings through relationships and valuable experience I gained there.  

What's in front of us seems huge:

  • Saturday we start our road trip, eventually ending in North Carolina
  • We'll go through several weeks of cross-cultural training there.
  • Then we'll come back and raise the remaining amount of support we need to move to Ecuador.  

As I was thinking about these things this morning a lot of thoughts came to mind and I put them into a poem.  



Will you go without knowing?

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Wandering aimlessly isn't the same as going forward yet not knowing exactly where you are going.  To wander aimlessly means you have no point nor purpose and you're just being carried about by whatever random feeling or thought comes your way.  But to go out and not know exactly where you are going or how you're going to get there is different.  When we go out, following the Lord's call, we have purpose and aim, namely to please and obey Him, but we just don't have all the details.  

This morning I read My Utmost for His Highest and the below was the devotional for today.  There are some good thoughts here that encouraged me quite a bit and I pray that it is helpful for you as you seek to follow Him. 


Difficulties and Joys: Part 2

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A lot of things boil down to perspective.  You can put two different people through the same situation and both of them come out seeing it differently.  In the last post I wrote about the struggles or negative aspects of the missionary appointee process we are in.  It has indeed been long and hard on us but we aren't discouraged about it because we can see some of what God is doing in us through it all.  I could turn most of the points around (and I'll do that with some) and show how they have been positive.  God is always at work even in the longest of processes.  

James 1:4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

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