Making Disciples of Christ in Ecuador

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I think the first thing that is in order is why the blog has been so silent. There are really two reasons. One is because we were having some problems with the website itself. We've moved it to a new host and everything is now working. The other is that we've been busy moving and getting settled in here. So between the website not working and everything else going on, it's been hard to break the silence and start writing again. Not the best of excuses, but it's true. If you haven't been following us on Facebook, you've probably missed quite a bit. Here is a quick timeline since the last post.

 January to April- We were adjusting to being parents of two children. Amazing how going from 1-2 children really changes your world. Also, all the things needed for us to move to Ecuador were coming together.

April- We arrived in Ecuador. The first couple months were filled with getting to know the area and find an apartment. Here are some photos of the city.

May- We found an apartment and moved in. There is so much to learn when moving to another country. Even what seems to be like simple things like taking out the trash and paying utilities have a whole new system that you have to learn. It's also an adventure trying to get the house setup with furniture and appliances. We're still working on that.

June to July - This time was filled with getting to know the team better, local churches, and ministries. Really, we started doing this from when we arrived but this was what was going on during these months. We were also meeting with someone on a regular basis that gave us classes about the culture and way of life here. For our visas, we made 3 trips to a city that is about 4 hours away. See some pictures here.

We also had our annual spiritual life conference. Since we're the new ones here, it was really good to spend time with the team. We have pictures of that too.

So that's at least a quick overview to get you caught up of what's been going on. There are several stories we could tell of people we've met, feeling lost and confused by cultural things, and other experiences we've had. But at least now the silence has been broke and you'll have some context for things we share here in the upcoming weeks.

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