Making Disciples of Christ in Ecuador

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Benjamin Silas is here!


Silent night.. Actually it wasn't a silent night. There was crying, pain, blood and sweat. All to bring into the world a precious life that was once in darkness and now in the light for us all to truly enjoy. Even though throughout his life he might see suffering, pain, sickness, and sin it's quite amazing to think that his conception was in a moment of joy, love, and purity.

It really reminds me of the gospel when I think about it all. In eternity past, the Father and Son conceived of a plan to redeem. Even though it unfolded throughout history, until the time of Christ they knew there would be pain and suffering yet knowing that the end would be worth the suffering, they did it. And yes, as greatly as Christ suffered on the cross the glory of the resurrection and our redemption overshadows it all. And so it is in birth. It really is suffering and pain yet when it's known that the precious life of another is worth our own suffering, we can continue to push forward and do it.

Little Benjamin Silas was born January 19th at 7:37pm. He weighed 10 lbs. and was 22 inches long! We thank God for bringing this blessing into our lives! Everyone is healthy and we didn't have any complications, praise God!

Karen has always liked the name of Benjamin but as we looked into it we began to like it more. Benjamin means "son of my right hand." The apostle Paul, a missionary to the gentiles, was from the tribe of Benjamin. Silas was a prominent person in the early church in Jerusalem and helped deliver the letter from the Jerusalem Council to the gentile churches (see Acts 15). It seems that Silas caught a passion to see the gentiles turn to God because in Paul's 2nd missionary journey, Silas was a close companion. Benjamin Silas has a lot of missions overtones and as we prepare to move to Ecuador, this is exactly the stage of life we are in.


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  • Tully Butler

    Tully Butler

    Comment Link Tuesday, 02 February 2016 21:34

    I cannot think of any better people than you two; for this child to be born.
    Honest,loving,compassionate people who live there live as servants to our lord Jesus.
    May god bless all of you
    Welcome Benjamin Silas Parsley


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