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A Late Night with a Crying Toddler



The other night was a rough one. No one likes to wake up to a crying toddler. They are usually unreasonable and you just can’t figure out what to do to make them calm down. That was our experience the other night. It's interesting how God uses  our kids to teach us lessons about our own relationship with Him, and that's what happened the next morning as I started to think about it all.

It was 12:07am and Aletheia started crying and asking for mommy, but It just wasn’t time to wake up so I (Josh) had to work with her to get her to calm down. Here is what happened.


  1. First I had to focus on how to get her to stop crying so she would eventually be able to fall asleep again.
  2. She started to calm down some so I asked her to lay down. She got on her knees.
  3. I then specified and said she needed to straighten her legs. She did, but from her waist up she held herself off the bed (kind of like a pushup)
  4. I then asked her to put her stomach on the bed, thinking that would solve it. She did, but she continued to hold her chest and upper body off the bed.
  5. I then asked her to put her chest on the bed. She did, but held her head off the pillow.
  6. Then, thinking I just needed to ask one more thing I told her to put her head on the pillow. She did, eventually, but then started yelling again.
  7. At the end, she fell back asleep.

All of that took about an hour. If she would have laid down from the beginning it would have taken about 5 minutes
Ultimately, she did get what she wanted which was to be with mommy but not until several hours later (when it was actually time to get up).
Sometimes it feels the same way with us. We really want something, even a good thing, but first we may need to learn how to lay down (completely!) and rest.
How often does the Lord ask us to do something and we try to substitute it with partial obedience or just enough to get by?

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  • Natalia


    Comment Link Wednesday, 21 October 2015 20:20

    I loved this analogy! Thank you so much for sharing it!


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