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Obedience, not the end goal.


I know I've wrote about this before but it's a good thing to be reminded of: God isn't only interested in the end result but also the journey. It's easy for us to only think of the end result. When we get a new shirt or new computer we typically don't think of how it was made, who made it, or in what type of conditions the workers were in. We just enjoy the end product and go on. There are some things that human's have made or constructed that, yes, the end result is impressive but also just the fact that we are able to come up with a process and the technology to create it is even more awe inspiring.

 Think of the last book you read, story you heard, or movie you watched. Now specifically think about one that the whole thing was moving towards a single point or goal. If you were to divide up how much time it gave to the journey and adventure vs after the goal was met, which has more time? Nearly without fail the whole story focuses on the journey with just a little bit of time given to after the goal was met. Why? It's like there is something inside of us that says the journey is very important and shapes how we enjoy the end goal after it's met. If that's so, then why is it so easy in our own lives to only look for the end goal to be accomplished and not put a lot of thought into the process of getting there?

There are also times where we think that obedience in the big and obvious things are enough with God. But the scriptures say that he that offends in the least point of the law has offended in everything. And also the one who is faithful in the least is also faithful in much. What does all that mean? I think we can say that God isn't merely concerned with the end goal or just the big things but He's concerned about obedience in everything. The truth is that this whole life we have in Christ is something designed to help us go from glory to glory and be conformed more into his image every day. Will we recognize and even enjoy what God does in the process of bringing to completion His will in our lives?

God doesn't want us just to jump into the end result of our desires, dreams or callings (even if they are from God himself) without going through the process to get there any more than He just wants to transport us to heaven and ignore us being conformed more into his image every day.

If you feel God moving you to serve in a foreign country but are not willing  to do the steps necessary to go, are you really obedient? If you're wanting to marry someone but not willing to go through all the process for that to happen, is it really a true desire? If we are willing to do big things for God and obey Him in the big, obvious things, then we will be obedient in the small things.

God is concerned about our obedience- in everything, not just us arriving at our final destination. 

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