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I'm His In The Waiting


Lately waiting has been difficult. From a Christian perspective waiting isn't pointless and we do more than just sit in a room and look off into the distance. Right? I think most of us know that but it doesn't make it any easier. While we wait to go to Ecuador we are moving towards it. While we rest in Him we are laboring to make it happen. One thing we're beginning to understand is that God does so much in the time between the beginning and the end. Think of someone's life. On his gravestone you only see a dash between two dates yet you know so much has happened between his birth and death. But sometimes when we are in a waiting period we are fooled into thinking the only thing that matters is when it started and finished. To keep the life analogy for a moment, that dash means more than just what that person did for a while. Truth be told that life affected all that came into contact with it. And so it is with waiting. Waiting isn't only for ourselves but it does something to all that come in contact with us.

Here is a poem I wrote this morning trying to express some of the things I've been feeling lately.

I'm His In The Waiting

I'm His in the waiting
Time seems abating
Yet as the clock runs
It intensifies the changing

How can I stay in this place for so long?
It feels like an unending song.
Same lyrics. Same rhythm. Same beat.
I think both ends are going to meet.

I understand I'm not mine.
But why repeat the same line?
In His mind one day is like a thousand
Perhaps this is God's plan.

I look back to see the beginning.
I hardly remember me
Who was I? I knew nothing.
How did I get here? I felt no movement.

Sometimes waiting seems such a waste
But then it's there we see it has something innate
He's changing us, preparing us, and always loving us.
Us- not just you, not just me, but we together as His family.

Lord, help me know I'm yours regardless of what time it is.

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