Making Disciples of Christ in Ecuador

Working Together For God's Glory

Last month we seen God do something great and we'd like to share with you all.  

Our friend Chris works for Lewis Automotive.  For every car he sold $50 was donated toward our startup ministry costs. As the month went on he was faithful to share on Facebook the progress.  We then stopped by and they presented us with a check. (As you can see from the above photo!) After that, they asked us to come by and do a video to share more about what we'll be doing in southern Ecuador. I don't think anyone enjoys seeing themselves on video but it was a great opportunity to share with others.  It was posted on their Facebook pages but we've also just uploaded it to our YouTube page. You can view it here or at the bottom of this post you can watch it.

We're so thankful for how God has used them and for thinking of all this! It's been exciting for us to see how God is working through so many people. God is raising up people who pray, give, and share with others about what He is doing in Ecuador. Our family is only a part of the picture.  

We all have a particular part in His kingdom.  And in missions we all have a responsibility to be involved in some way.  Some are called to go while some are called to send.  We're all called to pray, raise awareness of what God is doing, and work together to see Him glorified both here and all over the world.  What a privlidge and honor it is to be a part of that!

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The Parsleys: Missionaries to Ecuador

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