Making Disciples of Christ in Ecuador

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Not Desperation but His Revelation

Yesterday was my last day at Acumen Brands (where I was working).  When I look back over that time I see how God used it and gave me many blessings through relationships and valuable experience I gained there.  

What's in front of us seems huge:

  • Saturday we start our road trip, eventually ending in North Carolina
  • We'll go through several weeks of cross-cultural training there.
  • Then we'll come back and raise the remaining amount of support we need to move to Ecuador.  

As I was thinking about these things this morning a lot of thoughts came to mind and I put them into a poem.  



Not Desperation but His Revelation

Oh God!
The desire to go feels like an unending flow
The answer I know but desperation now begins to go
From my heart to my tear-filled eyes and then out my mouth
I fight the doubt and pray and praise and shout
Lord of the harvest: Please send us!

The answer's not desperation but rather His revelation
But what if I've made the mistake of the ages?
Is He calling? Is He leading? Will He leave me here as if bleeding?
Yes He is and no He won't; this isn't just some quaint antidote.
He will provide and not leave us for dead
Because He is our master and He is our head.

As we seek to go deeper the road oft times seems steeper
But then He comes and washes away cares that are cheaper
Cheaper than His grace, cheaper than faith,
Cheaper than the blood that was shed so we could run this race
May the Lamb who was slain receive His reward
For without Him we all belong in a death ward- for eternity.

Now it's growing, this steady knowing; a meditation of His grace
A grace that leads, a grace that gives,
A grace that flows from open hands pierced for sin
He does give wisdom to those who ask
And not one good thing will His children lack
Obey His call and it's not that you'll never fall

But rather,

He loves the heart that gives Him it all.


You'll find a love and grace that surpasses it all.

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