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To all people-pleasing pastors, preachers, and gospel workers

I wrote this a few years ago. - Josh


To all people-pleasing pastors, preachers, and gospel workers:

I have noticed that you speak of how many souls you have seen “come to the Lord.”  The
thought of it makes you feel accepted.  May I ask a question?  How many have you seen
come to repentance?  You may rejoice, but the angels in heaven only rejoice when
sinners repent (Luke 15:10).  Please allow me to remind you about the rich young ruler
who ran and knelt before Jesus walked away just as quick.  You can find that in Mark 10. 
Sir/Madam, don’t you see this is what many are doing?  They may have “come to Jesus”
but in the same hour they “go away sorrowful” with no repentance.  

I am a street preacher.  I deal with many of whom you have helped “lead to Jesus” on the
streets while they are in a drunken stupor.  I persuade men and women to turn from sin
and obey Jesus, yet they tell me they are saved.  They have come to your revivals,
suppers, and BBQs.  They enjoyed the “fellowship” with all the talk of fishing, cars, and
sports, almost as equally as their sin.  I pour out tears of anguish praying they would
repent and be converted, while you glory in “a job well done.”    I put my reputation and
life aside to persuade men and women to flee from the wrath that is to come, while you
gain stature and reputation.    You kiss babies and hug children, while I get spat upon and
called names by your “converts.”  If you only knew the pain and frustration you have
caused Christ, you would tremble in shame.

I tremble and fear at what you have done.  My heart explodes in pain at all the souls you
have helped on to Hell.  You vaccinate sinners to the Truth.  After you have inoculated
them with self-confidence, they now smile at where they are spending eternity.  Oh, how
little do they know when they get to eternity they will lift up their eyes in torments.  I
pleaded with them to repent, but you had told them they only needed to confess.  Why do
you do this?  Do you hate Christ?  Do you hate men and women like me?  Do you glory
in the pain and trouble you have caused us?  

I weep when I think about you standing at the Judgment Seat of Christ.  Sir/Madam,
don’t you know that in Proverbs 17:15 it says, “He that justifieth the wicked” is an
“abomination to the LORD?”  Is that what you have done?  You tell men and women that
they are saved, while they wallow in wickedness.  You say, “welcome to the family.” 
The Bible teaches that if you live in sin you are of the devil (1John 3:8).  Are you in their

Do you have no power in prayer?  Do you just “believe in yourself?”  Are you just a
puppet on a string?  When the people pull do you just follow?  Why, why do you do this? 
I beg and plead with you to not comfort people in their sin.  They will perish if they do
not turn from sin.  Your “business” may flourish, but they will perish!  Please, don’t do
this anymore.  I ask you from the depths of my being: stop pleasing men more than God. 
Please just preach the Bible.  Please just preach and let the Spirit confirm.  Please, I plead
with you, stop this insult to all righteousness.  You may not listen to my words, but please
at least listen to Christ weeping over your pathetic excuse of preaching.  

Weeping and travailing,
A Street Preacher

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