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Hear O Sinner Hear

Hear O Sinner Hear

by Josh Parsley


Hear O Sinner Hear!
The Gospel loud and clear
Let Heaven reign and wash your stains
Hear O Sinner Hear!

Fear O Sinner Fear!
Please lend me your ear
Christ is coming and you should be running
Fear O Sinner Fear!

Hear it loud and clear!
Oh be it true he will consume you
with righteousness and judgment through
if pride still stands it will be the doom of you
Hear it loud and clear!

Plead O Sinner Plead!
Come to His nail pierced feet
O Yes He did bleed for you and me
Plead O Sinner Plead!

Eat O Sinner Eat!
Of the bread that was dead
but now alive
Eat O Sinner Eat!

Old Sinner Now Saint
Oh please don't faint
He needs you and pleads you
and yes you need to

Preach the Gospel!
Preach the Truth!
And let your ministry show full proof!

Wake up! Wake up!
Awake the dead
for Christ is coming
and your testimony will be read

Be sure it's true and deep within you
that your a Gospel preacher
through and through

Let the sinner hear!

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