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Teach Me Lord to Pray

Teach Me Lord to Pray

By Josh Parsley

Oh, teach me Lord to pray
That I may walk within thy way
So we may commune without delay
Oh quickly Lord! Teach me to pray

The day’s not started though I fear I’ve bartered 
With that trap that does distract
Oh how I want to be exact!
And not waste this day and to learn to pray

Hours and hours they seem to devour
All the time I want to spend with Thee
Now I cower and admit this hour
That I have neglected Thee

Oh it’s Thee I must see
Or else I may cease to be
For the hour is come
Yea! In solitude to Thee I run

Brighter and brighter I’ll go
For tighter and tighter we grow
Ah! What love and communion it’ll be
With prayer I’ll arise with Thee

Oh teach me Lord, how to pray
That I might see that perfect day
I will shake myself from all that distracts
And bury myself deep and in a prayer sack

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