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Can God Bring Any Good Out of Bad?

I thought I would share a few thoughts about pain and going through hard times.  The Christian life has suffering and pain in it.  That's just the facts.  A matter of fact, life in general has problems for sinners and saints in this world. Yet, for the Christian there can actually be eternal good come out of it.  I'm going to write a few thoughts about one of the most horrific, seemingly nonredeemable, event in history- the fall of man.  I imagine if God can bring some good out of that, he can bring good out of any trail, temptation, or pain we might go through.  We might not understand it immediatly, but in the end we will understand.

Rom 8:18  For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.


You might think that nothing good could have possibly came from the fall but I think different.  I'm not saying that the fall in itself is good, but I'm saying God made good things come out of it.  I believe there are actually aspects of God that were revealed through the fall that Adam and Eve may not have understood like we do.  I'm not saying God couldn't have revealed these things to them somehow without the fall but nevertheless through the fall these things were revealed.


Judgment, holiness, righteousness, purity, wrath, severity. God used the fall to reveal these things.  By sin entering in through disobedience God showed his power of judgment and disapproval of sin.  Many people exalt the holiness of God, and rightly so, but would we as humans be able to have a clear idea of holiness and purity if we hadn't seen such a thing as unholiness and unpurity?  Maybe so, but God seems to have used the fall to help us get an understanding of these things.  The fact that God created a hell and that men will go there reveals something profound about God's purity and holiness.

Mercy, grace, forgiveness, love, redemption. Just think of the revelation of these things you have.  If it weren't for sin, what would you know of forgiveness?  Isn't this something that every Christian praises God for?  I think it's an awesome thing that God could use the most horrific thing and make it into something that can reveal God to us in a way never thought of before.  The revelation of God in redemption is breathtaking but what would we know if it without the need of redemption?

Is my point that the fall was good and that God wanted it to happen?  No.  My point is that God can take the most horrific, nonredeemable situations and make them into something from which we can learn of the character of God in a way we never thought possible.  Surely, if God can reveal himself in a calamaty as big as the fall, he can do it in the sufferings that we endure in this present age.

Besides, if our ultimate desire in life is to know God, whatever we might go through will be worth it if in the end we have a deeper revelation of who God is.


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