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All for our glory

Monday, June 13, 2005

All for our glory

The church is very confused today.  We have the mindset that men are good and God is mean and bad.  This is not so, the opposite is true.  Men are sinners, God is just and good.  We have degraded the Gospel to nothing more than to make us a little better so we can go to heaven... or so we think.  Today many church people sweep sin under the rug and say "Oh maybe God will clean it up on Sunday."  We have no horror of sin!  A matter a fact sin is our entertainment.  Most enjoy watching what the Bible condemns as sin.

Salvation is not merely so you don't have to burn in hell.  Salvation is for you to burn, but burning with God's fire.  Salvation is not to make "those who are good people but just in bad situations" in good situations.  Salvation is not to make you rich.  It is not to make you happy or to give you a social club to stay at on Sundays.  This is shocking to some but you are not saved for yourself.  You are saved because Jesus Christ died and rose and he is worthy of his reward, which is you.  Did you know God sacrificed to receive a reward? You are saved for His glory and that his glory may shine through us.

I once was talking to a pastor about how I felt everything that was being preached was just about making people better.  He went off and said "that’s what the whole sermon on the mount was about." Jesus didn't come to make us better so we can now go to heaven.  Christianity is not about being better, but about dying to self and allowing Christ's life to live through us.  Our righteousness is a filthy rag to God (Isaiah 64:6).  I don't care how much better you make yourself and try to use God as the instrument it is still a filthy rag.  So many today are trying to use God to make them a better husband, wife, preacher, businessman, and so much more.  Here is some wisdom for you: there is nothing good in you!  Anything I try to do will be vain and empty.  I have nothing good in myself.  Anything I have done in the past was for my own gain.  If someone sees any goodness in me, it is not my goodness but Christ's through me.  We have to die to self and let the living Lord reign in us.  Let not sin reign in our mortal bodies (Romans 6:12) but let Him!

Just trying to make yourself better still leaves the focus on you.  The church today is full of humanism.  

Humanism - A system of thought that centers on humans and their values, capacities, and worth.

Humanism says that man is the focus, Christianity says that Christ is the focus.  Check out what your pastor preaches on.  Is it you dying to self or you being better?  You will find that most preachers preach how to be better.  That is one reason sin is so ramped in the church.  Why do people feel as though they cannot stop sinning?  Because they can't!  The only way to live free from sin is to die.  You must die to self and let Christ shine through you.

We have turned the Gospel into "what can I do" instead of the biblical gospel of "Christ working in me, the hope of glory.(Col 1:27)"

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