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Thoughts on dating

A few thought I had on dating back in '05.  I haven't changed much on this other sometimes you have to watch the level of intimacy in conversation too.  Being too intimate can bring up too many feelings too soon.  Some things are only for married couples to discuss.  - Josh


Monday, June 20, 2005

This is mainly for all of the singles out there.

Here is a thought the Lord gave me: A woman is not a trophy, you do more than just look at her. You have to live with her.

There is some wisdom. (It could also go for guys too)   I've seen people get so wrapped in dating that it will carry them from one church to another and then eventually when the relationship is over the person either leaves the church and doesn't find another one or stops going, all because of the uncomfortablness.  

My personal belief is that dating is an epidemic that is sweeping singles in the church, which will build lust.  What I mean by dating is the casual "dating" of another person with any physical intimacy at all (yes even kissing).  So many people are like " I will not kiss on the first date" but then 2 months later they are sleeping with the other person.  What good is that?  You may say that you have self control but if you sit around with someone of the opposite sex and lay around on each other while watching movies alone you will see that self-control leave.  Temptation, lust, then sin.  You will watch it form before your eyes if you do not watch yourself.

1 Timothy 5:2 The elder women as mothers; the younger as sisters, with all purity.

This is far from the mindset of church-people today.  It’s closer to treat the women as a game so maybe you can win the prize.  Do you treat others in the faith as brothers and sisters or playboy playmates?  God is not impressed with the game so many singles play.

And I am by far saying that being with someone of the opposite sex is wrong.  What I am saying is that it should be more of a courtship.  I see nothing wrong with intimacy, but only in conversation and pouring out your soul to the other, but not physical!  Sex and intimacy is for marriage.  It should be something that strengthens the relationship after marriage because marriage is more challanging than a courtship.

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