Making Disciples of Christ in Ecuador

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Since the last post about specific prayer, we've been trying to focus on that. Praying specifically to God and seeing him answer them. One thing that we had been praying for is the ability to step back from some of the responsibilities we had and focus more on our going to Ecuador. Praise God, he's been making that possible. We've been able to clear the table so to speak and really put everything we have into building partnerships and presenting to others our vision for southern Ecuador.


One thing I should say is that our blog here is going to be a little less informal. We're wanting to give you all updates on what we're doing as soon as possible. That means that the posts here won't be quite as polished.

Amongst meeting with pastors, speaking at small groups and churches, and meeting with individuals, we are really learning some things. One thing that Karen and I were just talking about today is this: Life is a relationship. Ultimately, everything we do needs to be in relation to God and for his honor and glory. Relationships are everywhere. Mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, friend, boss, pastor, ect, ect. It goes on and on. Relationships are so powerful. It's been amazing to us how a word of encouragement or a prayer does so much for us. It really does propel us forward into believing God and trusting he will provide for our needs so that we can go where our hearts are leading us: Ecuador.

I think it's really a great preparation for us. Coming into a new country, and especially since there are so few Christians (around 1%) the ability to build relationships will be very important for us. How can you disciple someone without a relationship with them? How can you raise and form leaders without building deep relationships with them? You can't. Even though this stage has been long and a little tough for us, I see the wisdom of God in it more and more every day.

He is preparing us and through this preparation we are learning key lessons and being formed into the missionaries he wants us to be in Ecuador.


- Josh

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